Castle with Accessories (stretch goals)



This set was introduced as part of the Castle Builder Kickstarter Project that was funded on March 20, 2016 and began shipping in May 2017. It was also available during the pre-sale in August 2016.

The Castle Set contains 100 pieces of 43 different shapes.

Shipping Weight: ZZZ

Part Count SKU* Image
Solid Wall 2 4-WS-001
Arrowslit Wall 1 4-WS-004
Corner Arrowslit Wall - Left 4 4-WS-008
Corner Arrowslit Wall - Right 4 4-WS-007
Corner Spacer 4 4-SP-004
Wall Spacer 3 4-SP-001
Corner Wall Platform 4 4-WP-004
Wall Platform 3 4-WP-001
4x4 Roof Platform 1 4-RP-007
Gatehouse Floor 1 4-GH-008
1x1 Flagstone Floor 1 4-FL-006
1x2 Flagstone Floor 2 4-FL-007
1x6 Flagstone Floor 2 4-FL-008
8x8 Flagstone Floor 1 4-FL-003
High Crenellated Corner 4 4-CR-009
Double Door Arch Wall 1 4-GH-006
Gatehouse Double Doors - Left 1 4-GH-010L
Gatehouse Double Doors - Right 1 4-GH-010R
LED Drawbridge Arch Wall 1 4-GH-001**
Wooden Drawbridge 1 4-GH-002
Flag A - Waving 2 4-PA-004
Stone Stairs 2 4-ST-002
Elevation Half Block 2 4-ST-004
Barrel of Arrows 2 4-AC-001
Short Stairs 2 4-ST-003
Hanging Flat Banner 4 4-WA-004
Arrowslit Cover - Armored 4 4-WA-009
Battlement Blade 4 4-PA-003
Grappling Hook 2 4-SE-002
Scaling Ladder & Mini Holder 2 4-SE-001
Heraldic Decal Sheet for Flags & Crests 2 4-DEC-001
Arbalest 2 4-PA-007
Wooden Pole Stand 4 4-PA-010
Griffin Statue 2 4-PA-008
Projecting Banner - Flat 4 4-WA-012
Head on Pike 2 4-PA-001
Flag C - Rectangle 2 4-PA-009
Accessory Slot Crenellation 2 4-CR-003
Oil Cauldron 2 4-BA-001
Wood Shutter 4 4-BA-002
Perched Gargoyle 2 4-PA-002
LED Chromatic Orb 2 4-LD-016
LED Circular Socket 2 4-LD-005


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