Sorcerer's Sanctum



This set was introduced as part of the Castle Builder Kickstarter Project that was funded on March 20, 2016 and began shipping in May 2017. It was also available during the pre-sale in August 2016.

The Sorcerer's Sanctum Set contains 133 pieces of 49 different shapes.

Shipping Weight: ZZZ

Part Count SKU* Image
Tower Floor 7 4-F4-001
Tower 3/4 Floor 4 4-F4-003
Floor Extension 19 4-F6-004
Tower Stairs - Right 1 4-ST-007
Tower Stairs - Left 5 4-ST-008
Curved Elevation Half Block 1 4-ST-010
Batter Base 4 4-F6-005
Batter Base Insert 4 4-F6-006
Round Roof 2 4-RF-001
Round Roof Flare 1 4-RF-002
Cone Point 2 4-RF-007
Crow's Nest 1 4-RF-006
Wizard's Warding Vane 1 4-PA-013
LED Wizard's Spire 1 4-LD-006
LED Circular Socket 1 4-LD-005
Hanging Lion Gargoyle 4 4-WA-003
Runic Obelisk 4 4-PA-011
Stone Bridge Soaring Arch 2 4-BR-004
Stone Bridge 4in Extension 1 4-BR-005
Stone Balcony Platform 1 4-BR-006
Stone Balcony Railing 1 4-BR-007
Spiral Stairs 5 4-ST-006
CBS - Ladder 1 AC-007
Runic Crystal Cluster 4 4-AC-009
Telescope 1 4-PA-006
Wooden Pole Stand 1 4-PA-010
6in Tower Doorway Wall 1 4-T6-003
Latticed Door 2 4-DR-002
6in Tower Solid Wall 5 4-T6-001
6in Tower Arrowslit Wall 1 4-T6-002
6in Tower Window Wall 2 4-T6-004
6in Tower Palace Window Wall 6 4-T6-010
6in Tower Half - Bridge Base 1 4-T6-006
6in Tower Half - Solid 2 4-T6-007
6in Tower Half - Arrowslit 2 4-T6-008
4in Tower Solid Wall 2 4-T4-001
4in Tower Arrowslit Wall 1 4-T4-002
4in Tower Window Wall 8 4-T4-004
4in Tower Doorway Wall 1 4-T4-003
4in Tower Half - Bridge Base 2 4-T4-005
4in Tower Half - Solid 4 4-T4-006
4in Tower Half - Arrowslit 2 4-T4-007
6in Tower LED Socket Solid Wall 2 4-T6-009
LED Wall Orb 2 4-LD-009
2x2 Flagstone Floor w Sm Trapdoor 1 4-FL-011
Small Lattice Trapdoor 1 4-DR-005
Short Stairs 5 4-ST-003
LED Chromatic Orb 1 4-LD-016
Total 133

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