Master Maze Catacombs Set Edit

Resin Catacombs Set


Shpping Weight:

Number of Pieces: 47

Piece Number SKU Image
Corner with Flame, LED Light (& 3 batteries) 4
Floor, 2"x2" 10
Pile, Bones and Debris 1
Pile, Skulls 2
Pillar, Skulls 4
Wall, Curved 4
Wall, Curved with 2 Standing Skeletons 4
Wall, Freestanding, Long with Skeleton Shelves 4
Wall, Freestanding, Short with Skeleton Shelves 4
Wall, Straight with Arch 2
Wall, Straight with Skulls in Fireplace 4
Wall, Straight with Shelves of Skeletons 4
Total 47

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